£1m investment gives children the time of their lives

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Aug 6, 2013 3 mins read

Children are being urged to reject technology and go WILD this summer at WildRootz at Pensthorpe Wildlife & Gardens in Norfolk – a brand new £1million attraction geared up to connect children with rural Britain.

Opened in July 2013 WildRootz comprises of over 30 individual items of play equipment nestled in the Norfolk countryside. At 7,000 square-metres in size it is larger than the Canopy Walk at Kew Gardens and the outdoor play area at Chatsworth House combined!

There are shallow streams to splash through, dens to build, underground burrows to explore, a giant 12m high winding slide tower called ‘The Worm’, ‘The Flyway’ zipwire, trees to climb and more gentle areas for younger children including a sandpit and, coming in autumn, an ‘Arty Party Barn’ for indoor parties and nature based craft activities.

Children’s growing dependency on technology and spending less time outdoors has underpinned Pensthorpe’s decision to develop the natural play trail.

WildRootz is set at the edge of Pensthorpe’s existing woodland and park, an extension of its gardens, wetlands, conservation centre, wildflower meadows, farmland and woodland.

Deb Jordan, owner of Pensthorpe comments: “It’s been well documented how children today are inclined to stay indoors to play in the virtual world rather than putting on a pair of wellies and playing outside in the natural world.

“It is also well understood that the effect of this disengagement with the outdoors is having a negative impact on their mental development in terms of the ability to naturally access risk. We believe children are becoming quite detached from rural Britain and instead getting hooked into technology, to the point where they don’t know what many species of bird, insect, tree or plant look like.

“WildRootz is our contribution in encouraging a new generation of Chris Packhams or David Attenboroughs for tomorrow.”

WildRootz provides a healthy and inspiring place for families to have fun and enjoy an energetic day out; bringing with it benefits including physical exercise, inspiring curiosity, problem solving, learning responsibility, social fun and interaction plus a hands-on opportunity to learn about the wonders of the natural world.

In conjunction with this new and exciting nature play area Pensthorpe has also launched a new ‘Passport’ which will guide children and families through WildRootz before linking them into the reserve and the remodelled bug walk and stamper trail.

Children are closer to nature at Wild Rootz


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