North Walsham

We’re all white in North Walsham!

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Jan 18, 2013 1 min read

Hardy staff at North Walsham Infant School and Nursery braved the icy conditions to ensure they remained open all this week.

The children have been rewarded with specially organised fun activities such as cups of hot chocolate and marshmallow treats, toasted in the schools own custom-made fire pit. They’ve enjoyed plenty of outdoor activities in the snow and indoor learning activities to explore and investigate this wintry weather.

Head Claire Fletcher said: “We understand the importance, for working families, of being able to keep the schools open, when it is safe to do so. Many of our staff live locally and so we have adequate staffing for the numbers of pupils we have had in the schools. Snowy days give us specially opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, have fun and learn about the seasons through first-hand experience.”

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