Hello, is that the Apple shop?

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Feb 13, 2013 2 mins read

The Apple Shop owner Geoff Fisher is having to change its name after calls from people asking him to fix their iPhones and iPads.

Anyone there? This Apple doesn't work!



Geoff, who sells cider and juice from the shop at Wroxham Barns said the time had come for a change after an increasing amount of calls since the Apple Store opened in Norwich four years ago.

“I didn’t get many calls for a year or two and was amused at first,” he said. “People would call up and say they had a problem with their iPod and I told them to chuck it away and have a nice cider to get over it.”

He also suggested one elderly man who called to say he had “been silly and bought his first computer”, a Apple Mac, at the age of 87 “give it to his grandchildren”.

Since then, the calls have increased to a couple of dozen a week with many people being rude to him or just hanging up.

His number is next to The Apple Store in the phone book and with a Norwich prefix he believes many people see it and prefer to ring a local number. Apple’s starts 08257.

From Easter, and to coincide with the refurbishment of the shop, the new name will be The Norfolk Cider Shop, which ties in with his brother Stephen’s business The Norfolk Cider Company.

Stephen opened the shop at Wroxham Barns in 1993. When he became too busy to run the shop as well as the company he called Geoff, who moved back from Germany, where he had lived for 27 years to take over.

The former classical ballet dancer, who attended drama college in his teens along with famous names including Martin Clunes and Bonnie Langford, had been working as a tour guide for a German coach company before his move to Norfolk four years ago.

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