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Review – Alice in Wonderland, Jubilee Players, Tithe Barn

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Feb 21, 2013 2 mins read

Alice in Wonderland, performed by the Jubilee Players at the Tithe Barn in Horstead, was an absolute delight.

It had everything a pantomime should have – a magnificent panto dame, ably played by Neil Phillips with some wonderful frocks; a bad but not too scary villain the Knave of Spades, Paul Skippings, who has a fantastic villainous laugh; a pair of lovers with the dilemma will they won’t they become happily married.

The performance is based on the Alice in Wonderland story, with the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter and, of course, the Queen of Hearts but with a modern twist. The costumes are really impressive and beautiful and they add so much to the atmosphere.

The younger players grew in confidence as the show progressed and one of the highlights was the caterpillar Rebecca Duncan turning into the butterfly – very cleverly done and quite magical.

A good panto has music and comedy, which Alice has with lively well sung songs and some very funny characters and scenes, such as the man caught in Lovers’ Lane with three lovely ladies!

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee were hilarious and well acted by Graham Brackenbury and Jane Risebrow. The Mad Hatter’s tea party was suitably mad with the sweetest dormouse, Freya Sumser-Lupson.

As all good panto’s end happily, the Queen of Hearts, Rebecca Chamberlain, and her king, Neil Sumser-Lupson, are finally happy together, villains’ are banished and a wedding with a handsome prince and beautiful princess goes ahead.

Alice, played by Alice Skippings with a mixture of shyness and curiosity, woke up to find it all a dream. A special mention must go to Hannah Groves, who playing the Joker, had the task of trying to bring a subdued audience to life in the true panto spirit. She did a magnificent  job and even raised laughter at her jokes, a true performer! We look forward to the next production by the Jubilee Players.

Sandra & Kevin Stone

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