Happy Days for Aylsham audience

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Mar 6, 2013 2 mins read

Coool, The Fonz is in town. Picture SMILE FOR ME PHOTOGRAPHY

Fonzie’s in Aylsham tonight, and proved he had lost none of the charm he had as a 70s TV idol.

Actor turned prolific children’s author Henry Winkler was in town talking to an audience at the Jubilee centre about his battle with dyslexia, which he overcame to write about Hank Zipzer, the world’s greatest underachiever, whose good intentions have disastrous and hilarious results.

Speaking before he went on to meet the mixed audience of parents, children and Happy Days fans, Henry said his aim was to meet every child in the UK and tell them that how they learn is “nothing to do with brilliance”.

Henry has been touring Norfolk to raise awareness of dyslexia, which he was not diagnosed with until he was in his 30s, after a childhood of “being grounded and yelling matches”.

He said he had received a great reception in Norfolk, where he has mostly been visiting schools and talking to youngsters, who don’t remember him from his early TV days.

But as he said: “I don’t care if anyone knows me or who I am, this is nothing to do with being famous.”

But from one Happy Days fan, he’s still more than the king of cool.

He still has it as Gay Webster found out

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