Booze Brothers are right ‘muppets’

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Mar 11, 2013 3 mins read

It was an idea sparked from members laughing that they “weren’t the most photogenic band in the world”.
And the comments prompted Booze Brothers drummer Steve Gilmour to put his artistic skills as a graphic designer to the test.
“I had been filming gigs on a video camera to keep as a record to look back on, and make a few band ‘home movies’. It got to the point where I thought it would be a good marketing tool to put them onto the internet.” He said the comments about the band got him thinking about a decent visual to go with it. “It was at that point I thought puppets would be a really funny idea,” he said..
Brother and co-member Martin stepped in to help with filming. “After lots of kneeling on the floor we managed to produce three videos in total. Martin pointed out it would a shame to just stop there, all that work making the puppets for less than 10 minutes of screen time and he suggested he write funny episodes featuring the band in their own web-based sit-com.”
The first three episodes played on a loop on a big screen at the Black Swan Rooms in North Walsham during one of the band’s gigs. Steve said: “People really loved it. In the interval several people came up to me to say how like the band the puppets were.  Once we had a few music videos and episodes shot and edited we built ourselves a Youtube channel along with a weekly blog, a Facebook page and a Twitter feed. The hits are going up steadily and there seems to be a market for Martin’s humour. We managed to drum up nearly 2000 hits in only a few months.”
Steve has always enjoyed building things in his spare time. He had just finished constructing two replica Ghostbuster Proton packs props that light up for Halloween, when he started on the puppets.
“I grew up with The Muppets Show, Fraggle Rock and Sesame Street and always loved Jim Henson’s work. So I started with ‘furry sock puppet’ type monsters and then I moved up to making the foam head puppets for the band. No training, just trial and error,” he said.
Steve and Martin, who work in the marketing department of Mattressman, managed to keep the whole thing a secret from the other band members until they had a grand unveiling showing one evening.
Band members are James Phillippo, a Stalham-based, self-employed plumber, Mike White, Chris Wilson and Mark Folds who live around the Stalham area, and  John Bacon, from Worstead.
For the full article on the band and their puppets see the March issue of Just North Walsham or read it online on our home page.

The band’s inspiration was the Blue Brothers and the show is running at Norwich Theatre Royal from March 28-30. See

The pictures are by SAM MEYER


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