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Volunteers needed for emotional overeating support groups

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May 14, 2013 2 mins read

Call for volunteers to lead support groups

Beat – the leading UK eating disorders charity – is looking for volunteers in the Norwich area to facilitate emotional overeating self help and support groups.

The project, funded through the Department of Health & Social Care Volunteering Fund, will complement existing NHS anti-obesity efforts, provide groups free of charge and will be integrated into local services. The groups will address emotional overeater’s relationships with food and will signpost to a range of local mental health, healthy lifestyle and wellbeing services.

Although not an eating disorder, obesity is often caused by emotional difficulties or can lead to similar problems. Low self-esteem, depression, feeling guilty or ashamed, stigmatised and socially isolated can all be part of the picture.

The Emotional Overeating Support Groups will be located throughout East Anglia, East Midlands and West Midlands and are facilitated by at least two Beat registered group facilitators.


Groups are open to adults who:

  • · Binge eat
  • · Compulsively overeat
  • · Feel they have emotional eating issues
  • · Are overweight, obese or struggling with their weight


The groups will enable individuals to:

  • · Share problems, thoughts and successes
  • · Meet other people in similar situations and gain peer support
  • · Discuss their experiences in a safe, confidential and stigma-free environment
  • · Gain information about resources and services


The groups will not provide therapy, counselling or advice and are open to anyone over the age of 18. No medical referral or weigh-in will be required and individuals can attend groups as often or as seldom as they need.


Group volunteers need not have personal experience but do need an understanding of mental health and eating disorders.  Those that have personal experience of emotional overeating must be out of treatment, recovered, and not shown symptoms for a minimum of two years.

There will be a 5-6 hour monthly commitment which includes travel and some travel expenses can be offered.


Beat are also seeking to develop partnerships with NHS, Voluntary, Charity and Independent services in various locations across East Anglia, East Midlands and West Midlands and would like to hear from those working in mental health, wellbeing services, eating disorders, weight management and healthy living who feel peer support for these issues would be of value.


To find out more about the groups contact Project Officers on:

01603 753307/01603 753315 or by email: eosg@b-eat.co.uk


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