Beat seeks new Ambassadors in Norwich

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Aug 6, 2013 3 mins read

Thanks to funding received from Norwich Youth Advisory Board, Beat – the Norwich-based national eating disorders charity is looking for 12 volunteers between the ages of 11-19 in the area to join its Young Ambassador Scheme.

Created in 2006 the Young Ambassador scheme is a comprehensive programme that trains and supports young people who have recovered from their own eating disorder.  The scheme helps participants to develop new skills, increase in confidence and re-engage with their lives.

Young Ambassadors communicate the risks and dangers of eating disorders to other young people, reducing the danger that they might suffer too.  They play a vital role in raising awareness about eating disorders, and that they can be beaten.

Beat will work with local partners and local schools, colleges and youth groups to create opportunities for the Young Ambassadors to get involved in information sharing events and develop relationships and contacts with others.

Interim Director of Services Nina Dufeu: “We receive many requests for Young Ambassadors in the Norwich area that we were unable to fulfill with our current resources and we are delighted to receive this funding.  We know that there is a real need for more Young Ambassadors in the area to fully meet the needs of local organisations and groups.”

These young people will complete a formal recruitment and induction process which will include a comprehensive training programme to learn about talking to the media, campaigning, public speaking and presenting to different audiences.  Once the training is complete the Young Ambassadors will be supported to speak out about their experiences at public events and within their local communities; get involved in NHS service development; provide educational training for healthcare professionals and give awareness raising talks at schools, colleges and universities.  The young people taking part will develop new support networks and friendships and grow in confidence and self-esteem.

15yr old Grace Farman from Norwich: “It’s wonderful news that Beat has been granted funding for more Young Ambassadors to extend and carry out fantastic work, allowing so many more people to access the information we so desperately need to get out! I am proud to be a young ambassador for Beat. I have learnt a lot about my self-value and happiness. It was 2011 when I recovered, and I cannot express the happiness in my life now. I have freedom and respect for myself. My self-esteem was and still is sky-high.

“I learnt many things from my experience and I know that by sharing these it helps other young people understand that with early treatment and the support of family and friends, eating disorders can be beaten.”

Anyone interested in applying to become a Beat Young Ambassador should contact:-     The closing date for applications is Tuesday 20th August.


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