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Teenager’s short cut for sister

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Oct 17, 2013 2 mins read

A teenage girl has sacrificed her waist-length hair as a gesture to show solidarity with her younger sister undergoing chemotherapy.

Jasmin Smith, 15, from North Walsham High School, has had her head shaved to raise money for Cancer Research – and to support her younger sister who is undergoing treatment for the condition.

And, so far, she raised more than £100 from her school friends as a result of the brave stunt – which saw her sacrifice her waist-length locks for a drastic short-haired look.

Jasmin’s sister Georgia was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia three months ago, and is undergoing chemotherapy treatment which has seen her lose her own hair.  Jasmine decided on the gesture to show solidarity for her sibling, and to raise funds for the cancer charity.

The actual deed was done by Jasmin’s mum Leeann at home.

“It was a bit scary losing my long hair,” said Jasmin. “But Georgia has been so brave during her treatment, so I felt it was a good thing to do  My sister thinks it is amazing that I was prepared to do such a thing.

“I got my school friends to sponsor me, and so far I have raised over £100, and the money is still coming in.”

Jasmin’s new look has drawn admiring looks and respect from her friends and teachers alike.

“For a teenager who has always had long hair to volunteer to do something like this is a very big decision,” said deputy head Chris Tooth. “Her gesture has had the double benefit of raising money for a good cause and showing real support for her sister, and Jasmin has earned the respect of the whole school.”

Chronic myeloid leukaemia is a cancer of the white blood cells which is more common in the middle-aged. Georgia is only the third child ever to be diagnosed with this form of cancer in the UK.

Jasmin Smith

Jasmin Smith


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