Bootleg Beatles: Review

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Oct 25, 2013 2 mins read

The Beatles are alive and well still wowing audiences over 50 years since their inception. Well it may not be the actual Beatles, but so close are the Bootleg Beatles it’s hard to defy the difference.

Splitting the show at Norwich Theatre Royal into four separate sections, 1964, 1965, Sgt Peppers and Apple, the whole performance allowed The Beatles’ entire career to played out in front of a live audience.

Starting with the opening chord of A Hard Day’s Night to the closing rendition of Hey Jude, backed up by a blistering finale of Long Tall Sally this performance was truly awesome. The songs were all there played to perfection and with immaculate timing.

The attention to detail, presentation and appearance was truly magnificent, and when you add the vocal delivery and musical accomplishment it all makes for a superb night’s entertainment.

The Helter-Skelter display of the film backdrop all add up to a brilliant step back in time for more than two hours.

The performers on stage are The Beatles themselves, or it could be due to the 100% perfection and effort put in. The audience loved it. They were up on their feet dancing and singing along. The years just went rolling back. People were friendly, holding hands and laughing at the antics of the world’s greatest band ever, including an up to date John Lennon and George Harrison (if only).

This show may be another in their long line of performances, but on this showing they still have a long time to play out the history, influence, and sound of the world’s most powerful and influential band.

Review and picture by Nigel Pearce, Out of Town Media


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