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Nov 13, 2013 2 mins read

North Norfolk residents are being urged not to lose their right to vote in next year’s elections.

Every year a revised Electoral Roll is compiled by the Electoral Registration Office for North Norfolk. This is to ensure the electoral register is as up-to-date as possible ahead of next year’s elections, which will include the European Parliamentary election.

All residents should have received their annual canvass electoral registration forms through the post during the last two weeks of October. A form needs to be returned for all properties, whether occupied or not, including empty properties, second homes and holiday lets.

Suzanne Taylor, North Norfolk District Council (NNDC) Electoral Services Manager, said: Registering to vote is quick and simple. All you have to do is update the annual canvass form with details of everyone who lives in the household and is eligible to vote. If the details on the form are those of a previous resident they should just be crossed off and your own details added. It only takes a few minutes to secure your right to vote.’’

Canvass forms should be returned immediately in the pre-paid envelope provided. The earlier the forms are returned, the lower the cost of the process to the council tax payer. If householders don’t return their forms by the middle of November, a final reminder form will be delivered to those households from which no electoral canvass forms have been received.

It is a legal duty to register and individuals are breaking the law if they do not, facing a fine of up to £1,000. Credit reference agencies use the Electoral Roll as proof of residence, so anyone not registering may find it difficult to obtain a bank account, loan, credit card or mobile phone contract.

Don’t lose your right to vote; remember to register for your place on the Electoral Roll.

For more information see or contact NNDC on 01263 516401.

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