It’s 100 not out for Aylsham’s Vera

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Feb 17, 2014 1 min read

Vera Dyball marked her 100th birthday on Valentine’s Day with her Queen’s congratulations card presented by Radio Norwich presenter Rob Chandler, who came along to her big day to wish her many happy returns.

Vera has lived in Norfolk all her life and in Aylsham for the most part. Her late husband ran a butcher’s shop from his front garden in Millgate in Aylsham for many years and she is well known in the town.

Her four brothers are pictured with her in the photo. They are Colin Wicks (86), Neville Wicks (97), Vera Dyball (100), Norman Wicks (90) and Peter Wicks (86)

Her celebration was held at The Aylsham Lodge and 80 family members and friends attended.

Vera with her four brothers

Vera with her four brothers

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