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Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital fun day

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Jul 9, 2014 1 min read
The Norwich Time Travellers together with other  attractions gave of their best for a worthwhile cause on Saturday,
June 21, at  the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.
More  than 1,000 people attended a free event which culminated in a display by a North  American P-51 D Mustang fighter winging and turning over the skies of Norwich  and the hospital complex.   The Norwich Time Travellers were in the  main reception along with a full-size BBC TV Tardis along with its red Dalek and  Cyberman. K-9 was there as well along with our fully interactive Cyber Queen,  Judoon and Angel of Death.   Organisers said a total approaching  £5,000 pounds had been raised, taking the total raised for this project to over  £250,000, halfway to the target for a the radiotherapy  unit.FUTURE RADIO ARRIVES!!!

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