The countdown begins to Norfolk’s Recycling Revolution

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Sep 1, 2014 4 mins read

A new campaign, letting residents know that big changes are coming to the way we recycle, was launched today by the Norfolk Waste Partnership at the newly refurbished and extended materials recycling facility at Costessey.

People power has helped shape the new service which, from 1 October 2014, will mean that materials, including glass bottles and jars, plastic food pots, tubs and trays and cartons, such as those used for soups and juices, can now be recycled at the kerbside using the recycling bin.  To mark this change, a campaign, based on a play on the iconic revolution imagery, has been launched to let people know that their recycling service is being revolutionised.

Cllr John Fisher, Chair of the Norfolk Waste Partnership, explained: “This is really exciting news for Norfolk residents.  All the districts, along with Norfolk County Council, have worked together to negotiate a new contract which means that materials that people have wanted to be able to recycle for some time, can now be recycled using the kerbside collection service.  With the new contract in place, investment has been made in the processing facility and the new technology used means that many more items can now be processed for recycling.”

For the first time residents will be able to put plastic food pots, tubs and trays in their recycling bin, along with juice and soup cartons and glass bottles and jars.  Fewer materials will be sent to landfill and instead, more materials will be sorted, processed and turned into useable items.

Cllr Fisher added: “This new service represents a massive change for the majority of our residents.  Only residents in Norwich had a glass collection previously, but even for them, being able to put glass bottles and jars in the same bin will make recycling so much easier.  The upgraded and extended facility has improved technology for sorting and processing the waste.  These changes have meant we have been able to explore the market further to get the very best deal for Norfolk taxpayers whilst still ensuring that we are providing a service that meets people’s needs and helps us all improve our recycling levels.”

The changes to the recycling collections come into effect on 1 October 2014.  From that date the new materials will be recycled along with the existing materials of card, paper, steel and aluminium cans and plastic bottles.

Cllr Fisher said: “Today’s launch is the start of the countdown to the new service which goes live in one month’s time.  We want people to take note and from 1 October to start collecting their new recycling along with their existing.

“All we ask is that food residue is rinsed off any containers, bottles or jars before placing them loose in the bin. Clean recycling has a greater value and helps prevent bins from becoming smelly and by leaving the items loose in the bin, they can be easily sorted.  Items in bags cannot be sorted effectively by the equipment and may be rejected.”

Dave Newell, NEWS Operations Director, said: “We are very pleased to be working together with Norfolk’s local authorities in this exciting new development.  We have made significant investment in our Costessey Materials Recycling Facility, which has processed over 500,000 tonnes of material in the 10 years since it was first opened.  The new equipment installed will allow a greater range of materials to be collected and recycled from all of Norfolk’s residents.”

The new service is set to increase recycling by between 5% and 10% across the county and any profits arising from the operation will be shared between the councils and NORSE – who are all shareholders of NEWS- a publicly-owned joint venture company which runs the material recycling facility at Costessey.  This will benefit all Norfolk residents as it will help to support waste and recycling services throughout the county.

More information about the Recycling Revolution campaign and the new recycling service will be available from 22 September 2014 at .  Alternatively follow the campaign on Twitter using #RecyclingRevolution

Collection days and dates will not be affected by the introduction of this new service.

In addition to household recycling collections, residents can recycle a very wide range of materials at Norfolk’s network of 20 recycling centres. For more information visit

Recycling Revolution


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