REVIEW: Robin Hood, Sheringham Little Theatre

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Dec 15, 2014 2 mins read
Robin Hood premiered to a full theatre, with an audience totally engaged with the action on the stage.
There were fast-moving dance routines, skilfully done, and lively songs which all made up the story of Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood, a traditional pantomime with a modern twist.
The show had the audience laughing at the antics of the Merry Men, an accident-prone Will Scarlett played by Olly Westlake and Harry Williams as Little John. The pair complemented each other well and were a perfect foil for Richard Holt’s Robin Hood.
Every panto must have a dame with fantastic, outrageous costumes and we weren’t disappointed as the Babes’ nurse Polly Tix, had changes of costume that dazzled the eyes and imagination. Russel Hicken plays Polly and fills the stage with his presence.
The character we love to hate is the bad sheriff of Rottingham, plyed by Rafe Young. He is out to cheat the babes Jack and Jill out of their inheritance and marry the Maid Marian and thereby take her wealth for himself. He has plenty of boos from the audience but is out manoeuvered by Friar Tuck, played wonderfully by Shane Armstrong. Love finds a way and Robin and Marian beat the sheriff at his trickery and save the Babes, to live happily ever after.
The show has beautiful costumes and scenery and Maeve Smyth, as Marian, has such a lovely voice makes it a magical show. And we mustn’t forget Snapchat, who finds the Babes and turns from being the sheriff’s man to helping the Merry Men. He is played by talented Rik Warren. A truly good way to start the Christmas season.
Kevin and Sandra Stone
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