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GALLERY: Get, set, bake for RAG Week

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Mar 20, 2015 2 mins read

Pupils at Taverham High School had something to look forward to on returning to school following half term, as the school had organised its first ever RAG (raising and giving) week.
“It was a great success and, to date, we have raised £3,250 in aid of the East Anglian Children’s Hospice (EACH) and Coaching for Hope, a charity working in South Africa in the very poorest areas using football as a tool to motivate young people, especially girls,” said headteacher Liz Plater.
“A representative from EACH spoke movingly to the Sixth Form about their work with very sick children. This and a poignant presentation on poverty in South Africa gave the motivation for the full school community to throw themselves into so many activities.”
The Sixth Form took the lead and opened a ‘Market Place’ at lunchtime: students could drink coffee and hot chocolate while listening to buskers or browsing the stalls.
In the Sports Hall, students were trained by a local wheelchair basketball team and then took part in a staff vs Sixth Form wheelchair basketball tournament.
Other staff also played their parts – one head of year had his head shaved and another wore school uniform all week.
A highlight for all was the first ever THS Bake Off, which saw 18 pairs (a member of staff and a student) prepare four bakes and then present them to the judges: Liz from The Kitchenary, John from The Swan at Ringland, and Jeanne Webb from the WI. Star Bakers were Tom White, Year 10, and James Williams, teacher of history.
“Throughout the week we received support from many local businesses and to them we say a very big thank you,” said Liz. “Next year RAG Week will be even bigger and better.”

The pictures are by Julia Holland – www.all-about-image.co.uk

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