A hairy few months for Ben

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Nov 16, 2015 2 mins read

Beards might be the “in” thing at the moment but it’s not fashion that inspired Ben Carpenter to grow his.
He started letting his ginger facial hair sprout back in January to raise money for the East Anglian Air Ambulance.
“Towards the end of last year I had let my stubble grow slightly longer than usual, so whilst in the pub (all great ideas happen down the pub don’t they) one of my mates (Steve) came up with the dare to grow it for a year and me being me and three pints down stupidly agreed.
“A week or so later word was going round and more people were interested so a charity was mentioned and that soon made £200 so there was no turning back then,” said Ben.
Now, as many men around the country are in the throes of Movember, Ben is in full-on beardy mode, ready for a charity shave in the New Year.
Ben, who lives in Overstrand is growing is hoping to raise £1,000 plus for the cause. He is currently just shy of his target.
Proud girlfriend Loren Allen said: “His friends and family are extremely proud of him and we all appreciate how important the charity is. Now he just needs a boost to keep him positive and raise some more money in his last few weeks.”
Ben has had to endure sarcastic remarks and looks from strangers and daily explanations as to why his beard is so long.
“ZZ Top is the most popular,” he said, but added: “It’s been quite amazing how many people think its great. I’ve had lot of comments from strangers, mostly men.”
The shave will be held in Sheringham on New Year’s Eve at the Crown Inn at midnight.Ben’s band The Naked Lights will be playing and donation buckets are at the ready. A £1 voluntary donation will be the entry fee on the night.
And Ben can’t wait. “It’s awful, it really is. One to three months is the itchy stage then that goes and is replaced with having to blow dry it otherwise my clothes get soaked. I have to be careful when I zip up my jacket and then there’s food and drink problems. Arrragghhh. Get it off. Also Loren detests it!”
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