Thursford show . . . it really is spectacular

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Nov 17, 2015 2 mins read

REVIEW by Gay Webster

It’s billed as spectacular, and, well, it really is.

There’s no escaping the fact that Thursford’s annual Christmas show is in a world of its own, from the second you arrive down a quiet country lane to a sea of sparkling light and colour.

It was my first visit to the iconic attraction and a magical way to get into the Christmas spirit. It felt a privilege to be part of the small audience for one of the show’s four dress rehearsals. The cast had already performed to a number of coach drivers and for Thursford villagers, who were invited along as a thank you for “putting up with all the extra traffic through their village”. A nice touch I thought.

The show is highly professional, well rehearsed and slick. Stunning dancers mix with a talented orchestra. There’s comedy and even a contortionist to add to the variety. She was cute and amusing as well as very bendy.

But the highlight for me was the stunning chorus of singers, all highly professional and beautifully in harmony with both their Christmas-themed songs and pop arrangements.

The festive atmosphere is enhanced with stunning fairy lights and decoration throughout the theatre, which also has working traditional fairground rides on display. It was a bit like being in the middle of a New York park in the middle of winter, minus the freezing temperatures.

If you’ve never been before it’s an experience worth having. Take it from me!



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