REVIEW: Cinderella, Sheringham Little Theatre

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Dec 16, 2015 2 mins read
Sheringham Little Theatre’s panto had all the traditional ingredients necessary to make it a festive success.
The opening night of Cinderella was a magical, fast-moving show with heroes and villains and a beautiful maiden in need of rescue. This is a panto for all ages.
The traditional storyline was given a very local twist – the scenes of Prince Charming running down the streets of Sheringham looking for the owner of the glass slipper were highly entertaining.
The two ugly sisters, Hernia (James Lavender) and Verruca (Shane Armstrong), had some amazingly outrageous costumes to complement the outrageous antics they got up to.
Melissa Potts was a sweet and beautifull Cinderella, who could sing and dance as well. Kyle Frazer was the handsome and romantic Prince Charming, who is also very funny when playing along with Dandini (Harry Williams) – a good partnership.
Cinderella has a wicked stepmother who makes her life a misery and Lady Pier-Cromer (Loraine Metcalfe) did that beautifully. Rick Warren as Buttons and Liz Garland as the Fairy Godmother are two stars who link all the scenes together. Buttons is hopelessly in love with Cinderella but in the end falls in love with the Fairy Godmother.
This is a most accomplished and fun panto, which all ages will enjoy, with singing, dancing, fabulous costumes, fantastic scenery . . . all you could wish for in fact.
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