Hellesdon school’s recycling event is electric!

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Jan 25, 2016 2 mins read

Pupils at Kinsale Junior and Infant Schools earned £200 after collecting more than 130 electrical and electronic items at their electrical recycling event on January 12, organised by Broadland District Council.

Parents and pupils of Kinsale Junior and Infant Schools were asked to leave their unwanted or broken electrical and electronic items with Broadland District Council staff at the school gates so they could be taken away to be recycled or refurbished and reused by Norfolk charity, the Crack-On Foundation.

A wide range of items were collected including calculators, hair straighteners, vacuum cleaners and toys.

The event, which was the first of its kind in Norfolk, is part of a pilot scheme with Broadland District Council, Breckland Council, North Norfolk Council, South Norfolk Council and Great Yarmouth Borough Council which involved trials of free kerbside collections of electrical items across the county. Following the success of the Kinsale School’s collection, other schools in these districts will be given the opportunity to participate.

Kinsale Junior and Infant School’s Eco-Council helped greatly in the organisation of the event and is planning on using their £200 reward to help their school become more environmentally friendly.

Anna Baker, the teacher in charge of Kinsale Junior Eco Council, said: “The Kinsale Junior School Eco Council were delighted with the amount of recyclable goods that were brought to their school car park.

“We worked hard to organise the electrical collection. We made sure it was well advertised and the children knew what could be brought in. From electronic toys, to broken toasters and quite a fair few vacuum cleaners, people’s garages must be a lot clearer now!”

Cllr John Fisher, portfolio holder for Environmental Excellence at Broadland District Council, added: “I’m very pleased that the first school electrical recycling event has been so successful.

“Now these items will go on to be reused or turned into something brand new. It’s great to see young people learning about the importance of recycling.”



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