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Margie’s in training for Coltishall pre-school

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Jun 9, 2016 3 mins read

Coltishall and Horstead Preschool staff member Margaret Bullock is not letting age or illness stop her tackling a physical challenge in aid of the group she works for.
Affectionately known as Margie, the 72-year-old, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last autumn, will be competing in the Victory Sprint Triathlon hosted by Victory Swim and Fitness Centre North Walsham on July 17.
Trudy Hubbard Fines, from the pre school, said: “She is a remarkable woman who has not let this faze her when most people would crumble.”
Margie’s message is no matter how old you are or what shape you are, everyone can exercise – even just a little – to improve their health. Trudy said: “She is a true inspiration to me with how she treats life’s problems in such a matter-of-fact fashion.”
Margie’s current daily routine involves getting up at dawn to get in a long cycle ride, followed by a jog/walk on the treadmill while she builds up her skill level to complete the required 17Km cycle ride and 3Km run.
For Margie, it all started when she went to support her daughter and son-in-law do their first sprint triathlon at North Walsham.
A sprint triathlon is 300m swim, 17k cycle ride and a 3k run.
She said: “I thought I would like to do the triathlon and enjoy a celebratory party afterwards. Unfortunately at the time I was having hip problems and did not feel I could do the run. However, I did think I would like to do it before I was 70 years old. Again, it did not happen. At the beginning of 2015 my daughter talked me into going to a Zumba class with her and I loved it. I then progressed on to Piloxing which suited me better. The more I did the less my hip hurt.”
Then, in October Margie was diagnosed with breast cancer. “I was operated on to remove the tumour beginning of November and was back at my classes after two and a half weeks. The surgeon was pleased with my recovery and said it was probably down to my fitness.
“When I saw adverts for the North Walsham triathlon I decided this is it, now or never, I will do it before my 72nd birthday in August.”
She started to think about how she could best use this opportunity to put something back into the community. “As I have connections with the preschool and have spent many happy days there I felt that if I could raise just a little money to the benefit of the preschool all my training would be worthwhile.”
She has a supportive network of friends helping her train, including one who gets her out swimming once a week, another, her mentor, contacts her every day to ask what exercise she intends doing. “Sometimes I beat her to it by going out at 6am on the bike and am back before she has a chance to message. My partner goes walking/jogging with me, more walking than jogging, but I keep telling myself this is not a race, this is for me and the preschool. Just so long as I can get to the end before the organisers clear up and go home I shall be happy. Oh and have a celebratory party afterwards.

Anyone who wishes to support Margie can do so via BT My Donate. Just search for Coltishall and Horstead Preschool.


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