Rival football fan sisters will brave the shave at derby

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Aug 11, 2016 3 mins read

A bit of sisterly banter is natural, but Beth Howman and Katie Boothe have taken it to the ultimate level by suporting rival football teams Norwich City and Ipswich Town.

And now they’re using their passion for their teams to raise awareness of a combined Brave the Shave challenge, which will take place in front of thousands of fans during the teams’ first clash for two seasons at Portman Road on August 21.

Both Beth, a Norwich City fan who lives just outside Taverham, and Ipswich Town-supporter sister Katie, who lives in Wymondham, will lose their locks on the pitch at half time to raise money for Macmillan and EACH.

It will be a family affair, as the whole family are split supporters of the rival teams and will be offering their support to both their teams, and Beth and Katie, on the day.

“My mother and nan are from Suffolk and are Ipswich fans, whereas my father, who is from Norwich, and brother are Norwich fans,” said Beth.

“My sister Katie had the idea for the head shave and she thought it would be a great way to bring both sets of fans together and raise awareness of the charities.

“I am really looking forward to braving the shave, especially as it will be half time at the derby game. We have almost raised half of our targets for both charities already, which definitely makes it all seem worthwhile.

“I chose to raise money for EACH because it is a local charity for both Ipswich and Norwich and it is the chosen charity for the derby game. I have also known people who have sadly had to use the services of EACH and I think it is extraordinary all of the work they do and the support they give.”

So how are they feeling about the prospect of losing their locks?

“I am actually starting to feel terrified but excited at the same time, it is fast approaching and I am really happy to raise money for such a great charity,” said Katie.

“I chose to raise money for Macmillan because I have had family members and friends who have used the charity before and they gave them incredible support.”

On her Just Giving story Beth said: “Anybody who truly knows me will know I am very much in love with my hair and that is why I thought I would brave the shave. It will be tough and I am sure many people think I am bonkers, but I will happily be seen as bonkers in the name of a great cause!”

And is there any rivalry over who raises the most?

“We are hoping to raise £500 each, so a total of £1,000,” said Beth. “There is no real rivalry, however, of course we would love to out raise each other!”

You can support Beth and Katie through their Just Giving pages at and


Beth Howman and Katie Boothe

Beth Howman and Katie Boothe

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