Wimbledon lawnmowers gifted to Cromer Tennis Club

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Dec 5, 2016 3 mins read

Two lawnmowers which cut the most famous grass in the tennis world will be heading to Cromer to take up their new permanent home in the new year.

Cromer Lawn Tennis & Squash Club groundsmen Matthew Jordan and Peter Cooper will be taking ownership of two of Wimbledon’s mowers in January to help them maintain the excellent surfaces for which the club has become well known.

The famous All England Club, which manages Wimbledon, has gifted the mowers to Cromer.

Matt, aka Jordy, who is the year round groundsman at the Norwich Road club, explained: “A lot of care goes into the surface to ensure it is well maintained all year around.

“People think it’s just a summer job, but that’s not the case. We put in the work all year and that’s why the Cromer club is in the top six grass courts in the country.”

With 10 grass courts to maintain the surface comes in for a lot of wear and tear during the season, which usually runs from April to October.

For eight years Jordy has been scarifying, spiking, clearing and cutting, fertilising and top dressing the surface to ensure people are playing on one of the best grass court lawns in the country.

He and Peter have continued to build on the great work of Bob Cox, who maintained the courts for 40 years before he retired in 1978, and Mike Thompson, who then took up the mantle for a further 29 years.

“When the tennis season is in full swing and a tournament is on we cut and mark every day, otherwise it’s every other day,” added Jordy.

“Even out of season we keep it clipped and treat it. We have a regular maintenance programme and we spray and fertilise to keep the rye grass surface in good condition.”

Nationally the focus of the Lawn Tennis Association is to keep grass courts across the country as good as possible and once a year representatives from the LTA inspect grass surfaces across the country.

“The way we see it, keeping grass courts is key to this country producing the next Wimbledon champion, it’s fundamental to that,” said Jordy.

The Cromer duo was recently invited to Felixstowe Lawn Tennis Association to share their expertise in grounds maintenance and carry out their end of season renovation, a testament to their hard work and dedication.

Multiple doubles Grand Slam winner and Davis Cup champion Jamie Murray and Dan Evans, who is also a Davis Cup champion, are among many leading names to have played at Cromer.

Cllr Judy Oliver, NNDC representative on the Club committee said: “The club has a fascinating history, and has welcomed its fair share of famous players through the years from Winston Churchill’s wife through to seven times champion Dorothy Chambers and Wimbledon champion Ann Jones. My hope is that the next Wimbledon champion comes from north Norfolk.”

With the club coming up to celebrating its 110th anniversary in 2018 it’s not hard to see why Cromer Lawn Tennis Club, which is supported by North Norfolk District Council, is regarded as one of the best in the country and a hidden gem on the North Norfolk coast.

Matthew Jordan and Peter Cooper, groundsmen at Cromer Lawn Tennis Club will shortly be taking ownership of two Wimbledon mowers at the start of next year.

Matthew Jordan and Peter Cooper, groundsmen at Cromer Lawn Tennis Club will shortly be taking ownership of two Wimbledon mowers at the start of next year.

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