Shocking dash cam footage of Sprowston head-on crash revealed

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Feb 7, 2017 4 mins read

The benefits of installing dash cams were highlighted recently when footage of a head-on collision on Blue Boar Lane was released by dash cam manufacturer Nextbase.
The crash took place last July and was captured by Steven Jefferson’s dash cam, which he’d installed to protect his brand new Honda CR-V.
“We were returning home from a trip out and had just passed the garden centre on Blue Boar Lane,” said Steven, who lives in Old Catton and was travelling in the car with his wife Helen. “A small group of cars led by a silver Vauxhall Corsa was passing the apex of the bend by the entrance to Sprowston Sports and Social Club, but instead of straightening out the Corsa ran onto to our side of the road and collided with us.
“There was no time to react at all. The wide angle lens on the dash cam makes the distance between us look more than it actually was. As the Corsa hit us there was a loud bang and the airbags went off as well as breaking the dash cam mount. The combined speed of the collision was probably around 60mph and our car was pushed off the road.
“It took a while for what had happened to sink in. My wife and I were shocked by the impact and being restrained by our seatbelts.”
Thankfully, Steven and Helen were able to walk out of the car unaided. However, the occupants of the other car weren’t so lucky and had to be cut out.
While waiting for an ambulance, trained first aiders from Sprowston Sports and Social Club helped get the couple sat down and kept Steven’s head still.
“When we were seen at hospital my wife was found to have multiple tiny crack fractures of her breast bone and I had soft tissue injuries affecting my neck, chest and left leg,” said Steven. “Both our injuries were expected to resolve with time and have done so.
“Afterwards we heard that both people in the other car suffered injuries such as broken bones. We had three ambulances, two fire trucks and a number of police cars attend the scene. The road must have been closed at least an hour as both cars had to be towed away.”
Shortly after the incident, the police recovered Steven’s footage for evidence purposes. The following week a copy of the footage was sent to both Steven’s hire company and his insurers.
“Thanks to the footage the car hire company agreed I was not at fault and so did my insurer,” said Steven. “The Corsa owner’s insurer admitted liability without any further investigation or delay. Without dash cam evidence there would have been a serious delay in establishing liability and loss of no claims bonus as the other party was contesting what happened.
“My policy included entitlement to a hire car, and legal support to recover the excess and other losses including travel costs, mileage and care and assistance amongst other options I had added to the policy. If liability had not been admitted by the other party’s insurers I may not have been able to recover these costs.”
The Corsa driver had no recollection of the event and later surrendered his driving licence. The police will be taking no further action.
Richard Browning, director at Nextbase, said: “Unfortunately, accidents like this happen all the time in the UK and are obviously incredibly stressful for all involved. In Steven’s case, his dash cam footage helped to speed up the claim process with his insurer as well as proving his innocence.
“In an instance where the other party does not have recollection of the event, video footage becomes a crucial piece of evidence – without a dash cam this may well have ended up a split liability settlement.”
Needless to say, Steven has installed dash cams in his new car. “I’d recommend dash cams to everyone,” said Steven, “but it must be remembered that your misdemeanours will also be recorded, so it works both ways.”
He also added: “I would like to thank those who helped us from Sprowston Sports and Social Club and anyone else who helped.”
For more information about dash cams visit www.nextbase.co.uk.

Steven and Helen Jefferson. Picture: Li Dawson

Picture: Nextbase

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