Staff praised after toddler is rescued from hot car

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Jul 11, 2017 2 mins read

Staff at Tesco on Blue Boar Lane, in Sprowston, rushed into action when a toddler was locked in a car at their store – and have earned a huge thank you from his relieved grandmother.
Carol Martin, who was visiting the area on Saturday, was putting her shopping into the car and had given her two-year-old grandson her keys to play with while she did so.
“You can guess the rest – he got locked in,” she said. “As the weather was hot and there were no windows open I went to the store for help. Immediately they went into action and the manager and staff were outside with me and had brought one of their phones for me to use.
“I called my roadside recovery but even after I told them the situation they still took time asking me questions before they would put a call out. Finally I was made a ‘priority one’ but was told they would not be with me for about 30 minutes. My grandson was getting hot and flushed so I made the decision to call for the fire brigade.”
But she said the manager had already called them – as well as fetching water, a fire engine toy and ice lollies for when the little boy was freed.
Carol went on: “Red Watch from Sprowston fire station arrived and they, too, were brilliant. After he was out and sorted, they offered him a seat in the fire engine.”
Store staff also brought out some plastic to cover the broken window.
“I was overwhelmed by all the support Tesco Staff and the fireman gave me,” said Carol.



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