Hunt on for dog blood donors

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May 21, 2018 2 mins read

Taverham Veterinary Hospital is appealing for potential dog blood donors to help pets which may need transfusions. Taverham vets keeps a stock of canine blood but if it becomes low, or in an emergency, staff often visit Great Yarmouth Home Finders, an independent charity caring for and rehoming ex-racing greyhounds across Norfolk and Suffolk. A spokesman said: “The gorgeous greyhounds at the centre often make great blood donors due to their fantastic temperaments and large neck veins. All dogs are fully health checked prior to donating by one of our vets and must comply with the blood donor criteria. “The process of taking blood takes around five-10 minutes and the dogs receive plenty of praise and cuddles throughout! Following the donation, a neck bandage is applied to prevent any swelling from the needle insertion site – as seen in the photo of Nelson, posing in his pink bandage. “Staff dogs are also often called upon to donate blood in emergency situations, such as beautiful boy Boris who belongs to director Roger Bannock. Boris can be seen here, post donation, smiling with nurses Lottie and Hayley.” If your pet fits the following criteria and you would like it to help save other dogs’ lives, get in touch and speak to Lottie Sparkes or Hayley Hyam on 01603 867330.

Canine blood donor criteria.

  • 25kgs or over
  • Fully vaccinated
  • Regularly wormed
  • Known travel history
  • Good temperament
  • Aged between one and seven
  • Never received a blood transfusion
  • In good health

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