Delight at Anglia in Bloom ‘gold’ for Aylsham

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Sep 14, 2018 3 mins read

It’s Gold for Aylsham’s entry into the Britain in Bloom Anglian regional competition!

The awards day was held in Bury St Edmunds and Aylsham in Bloom team members were delighted to receive the award on behalf of all the many people of Aylsham who had helped make it happen.

Chairman Wendy Sadler said: “I am thrilled to report that Aylsham was awarded a gold Medal at the award ceremony. Thank you so much to all the folk who worked so hard to achieve this outstanding result.

“As well as entering the general competition we also put forward several projects for Special Awards.  We did not win any of these but I am pleased to report that two of them got to the shortlists. They were:

  • The Weavers’ Way conservation project
  • The Aylsham High School “Green Plan It” challenge

“This was a significant achievement. We saw pictures of all the shortlisted projects and the standard was very high so we should be proud that these projects were included in the shortlists.”

The judge’s comments on Aylsham’s entry were very complimentary. They particularly highlighted the outstanding displays arranged and sponsored by the businesses, which included the Unicorn Pub, Broadland Consultants (by the “blue loos”) Postle’s Henry’s and Budgens new display. They were also amused by the Inside Out displays such as the floral frames outside Broadland Framers. Aylsham Heritage Centre and the parish church’s Repton200 Festival were also highlighted, as was the Repton-themed Humphry Hare.

Marks also went to children’s and young people’s projects so the judges were pleased to see the Cub’s Drill Hall planting, the work the Scouts had done on Weavers’ Way and the Aylsham High School pupils joining in the Marriott’s Way work.

The Aylsham in Bloom members attending the awards – Wendy, Shelley, Judy and Ian – thought Aylsham should be doubly proud of its achievements as it is all done on a voluntary basis with minimal funding.

They said, “It was obvious that many of the entrants were run and funded by professionals via their local authorities. These spend thousands and thousands of pounds to achieve the same result as us so we ought to be proud that our small number of Aylsham volunteers can encourage so many of Aylsham’s residents, businesses and organisations to contribute to Aylsham’s brilliant offering. You are all Gold Stars!!”









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