Reader’s massive donation to Harry Deeba cancer appeal

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May 13, 2019 2 mins read

A Just Drayton and Taverham reader has donated £25,000 to the Harry Deeba appeal, which smashed its target today.

The retired farmer, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted us after reading about the £239,000 appeal for the two-year-old Taverham tot in April’s edition, and we put him in touch with Harry’s mum, Carly Howes.

“It was really lovely of him. He wanted to give us more but we felt we couldn’t accept more,” said Carly.

“It’s really helped us. We didn’t know him but he wanted to help someone local. It was so generous of him to donate a huge amount like that – it’s heartwarming.

“All the money for Harry’s appeal has come from normal local people who just care and want to help – it’s fantastic.”

Solving Kids’ Cancer, the charity administering donations to Harry’s appeal, recorded this morning that the latest total stands at £255,557 – all raised since January through scores of mini and major fundraisers and donations.

Harry has spent a year of gruelling treatments to rid him of the cancer, high-risk neuroblastoma, which has a relapse rate of nearly 50pc. Of those who do relapse, nine out of 10 die.

His parents launched the appeal to send Harry for pioneering vaccine treatment in New York which it is hoped will cut the likelihood of relapse.

Harry has had extensive scans and other procedures following the end of his NHS treatment to see whether he is clear of cancer. The family is waiting for New York medics to review the results and say whether or not he will be accepted on the vaccine trial. They hope to hear by the end of the week and could possibly leave for America by the end of the month.

Carly thanked “Harry’s Heroes” and everyone who had helped them reach the target which she described as “absolutely brilliant”.

But she urged everyone to keep supporting the appeal because of the continuing uncertainty of Harry’s condition, with relapse possible at any time, which could mean he would need fast, potentially-expensive treatments.

For more information on the appeal visit:

Harry Deeba who has achieved his fundraising target. PICTURE: Richard Jermy Photography.

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