Fish and chips and charity

Just Regional
Mar 30, 2020 1 min read

When Grant Zelos closed the doors of Mary Janes fish and chip shop, in Cromer, he was determined that the leftover food would not go to waste – so he has been handing it out to care homes in the area.

Grant had a lot of potatoes left at the Garden Street restaurant so he and his staff started calling care homes to see if they needed any. He thinks his team have delivered a tonne-and-a-half of spuds and also handed out “around seven stone” of fish which would otherwise have gone off, to people who needed it.

He said the move was “the right thing”.

“Money doesn’t matter in this time, everyone’s taking a hit, a lot more people are worse off than I am and I just wanted to do my bit for the community,” he said.

The restaurant is now closed until further notice.

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