Flowers spread cheer

Just Regional
Apr 6, 2020 1 min read

Some lucky people in Sprowston have been opening their doors to find lovely gifts – flowers bearing a message telling them to “stay safe”.

The flowers are being left by siblings Sydelle and Jack Hunter, pictured, who came up with the idea to cheer up their neighbours around Lowry Cole Road.

“They just wanted to make people smile at this difficult time,” said their mum, Emma.

“They originally stated they wanted to give them to the elderly but then they said ‘everyone needs to smile’. The smiles on their faces as they gave them out and placed them on people’s doorsteps was priceless.”

One of the flowers left on the doorstep in Sprowston. The recipients have been thanking Sydelle and Jack on Facebook for their kindness.

They youngsters, who are aged 11 and eight, did not come into contact with anyone while delivering, keeping a safe distance and waving with a smile.

And Emma said they hoped everyone liked their present.

“Even last night they asked and wondered if everyone got their flowers. It was a very proud moment.”

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