Colourful gallery offers a brighter day

Just Regional
Apr 28, 2020 1 min read

A north Norfolk artist has put together an online gallery of colourful original paintings showing Sheringham, Cromer, Weybourne and other Norfolk sights to show us that while summer holidays may be on hold, there is always a way to see the sunshine.

Samuel Thomas’s artwork is influenced by pop-art, art deco and psychedelia, showing recognisable landscapes in stylised ways.

And he also has his own take on the rainbows which are being seen all over the area at the moment.

“I set out painting because I wanted to capture and illuminate all of the beauty and optimism that surrounds us in our lives, because sometimes we just need reminding of it,” he said. “If we can train our minds to focus on the positives even during hardships, it means the way we visually see and experience the world around us is elevated to a higher frequency. Learn to see joy, and you will see it everywhere.”

He has shared some of his paintings with Just Regional readers here…. Or you can see more on his online gallery at  

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