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Jun 18, 2020 2 mins read

Rosalind Wright shares the latest news from Christ Church, Eaton

Recently, we reported that Christ Church had set up a Christ Church Crafters group which was working on a “Quilt of Kindness”.  Although the group meets via Zoom, those without a computer can also get involved.

Vivien Humber, who heads up pastoral work at Christ Church, says: “The group is growing strongly in numbers and its members are very enthusiastic – people are making knitted squares and embroidered squares, we have been given pictures, photos and poems to include, and many in the group are meeting regularly on Zoom, whilst others are working quietly on the project in their own homes.

“At our first meeting we discussed the act of stitching or knitting being meditative and ‘very prayerful’.  Busying the hands helps to still the mind, today described as “mindfulness”, supporting mental health.”

Member Margaret Elbro creating her quilt squares.  Picture: John Elbro.

If you are interested in joining the project, please get in touch with Vivien Humber. Tel: 01603 507855

Reopening for Private Prayer

Christ Church is reopening for private prayer soon. A risk assessment has been undertaken and special measures carried out.  These include the cordoning off of areas which cannot easily be sanitised and where there is an area of falling plaster. 

Please get in touch if you would like to be able to enter the church for private prayer:

Sponsored Bike Ride is on!

The Norfolk Churches Trust is running the sponsored bike ride (other means of transport possible) on Saturday, September 12. This is a fun way of making money for both your home church and the Norfolk Churches Trust, which works to preserve church buildings. Last year, the event raised nearly £100,000.

Contact coordinators Matt Wright, for Christ Church, and Jenny Holcombe, for St Andrew’s, if you are interested in taking part, via the parishes office: 01603 473636. 

Both Christ Church and St Andrew’s are planning to be involved, but exact arrangements still need to be worked out due to likely social distancing requirements. 

Click here for more information on taking part. 

Information about Christ Church events including our services, which are on Zoom, area available from the Christ Church Facebook page and website

You can also email the Rev Patrick Richmond at

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