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Have your say on the new face of Norwich

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Jun 19, 2020 2 mins read

People can have their say on temporary changes to some Norwich streets with the aim of supporting safe shopping and travel around the city as it begins to open up.

Norfolk County Council and Norwich City Council have proposed a series of measures to ensure social distancing when walking, with any surplus space being made available for street seating for cafés. Businesses are also being advised not to put “A boards” on pavements.

The councils have already used stencilled and temporary signs to encourage people to walk on the left-hand side of the street, and crossing times have been lengthened for pedestrians at signal-controlled crossings around the inner ring road to reduce the number of people having to wait on the islands halfway across.

Other proposals involve temporary changes to Exchange Street and St Benedict’s Street, including restricted access for general traffic and loading activity to create more space for walking, queuing and the potential for pavement cafés. It is also proposed that redundant signs, railings and other street furniture are removed.

Consideration is also being given to further measures that could be applied in other areas, such as Magdalen Street, St Giles Street, Upper St Giles, Surrey Street and All Saints Green.

The two councils want to hear people’s views before deciding whether to implement the changes. The proposals can be viewed on the consultation page of the county council’s website at www.norfolk.gov.uk

Comments and questions can be emailed to cityhighways@norfolk.gov.uk by Tuesday, June 23, saying which street plan you are commenting on in the subject line.

Based on feedback received from the public, the councils say all plans will be reviewed before being implemented under emergency traffic regulation powers. Any measures taken will be temporary and will be continually monitored.

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