Popular beach car park is closed

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Jan 14, 2021 2 mins read

Horsey’s coastal car park and access road has been closed in a bid to deter visitors.

In the last week, five people from Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire and Essex, have been fined for being in breach of lockdown regulations for visiting the beauty spot to see the seals, which come ashore to breed each year.

The road to the car park which has been closed to stop people flocking to the coast.
A seal and her pup at Horsey. Thousands of people usually flock to see them but the car park at Horsey Gap has been closed to deter people from gathering unsafely. Photo: Mike Harmer

Following discussions with local officers and the environmental health team at North Norfolk District Council, Horsey Estate, which operates the car park, has agreed to close it.

Robin Buxton, from the Horsey Estate, said: “We all have a part to play in keeping people safe and following discussion with the police and council, we’re happy to close the car park to deter people from visiting.”

Local Safer Neighbourhood Team Sergeant Toby Gosden said: “People are required to stay at home and only leave for a reasonable excuse under the current lockdown measures. This area has attracted a number of visitors, including local residents and people who live outside the county. Following discussion with the owners and our council partners, all parties reached the collective decision this was the right course of action to take to deter visitors and to protect the people of Norfolk.”

A spokesman from North Norfolk District Council said: “The council supports the joint decision to close the car park at Horsey Gap. Government guidance is that during this period of lockdown, travelling is strictly limited to essential purposes and all exercise should be taken within your locality. Following reports of visitors travelling from counties outside the district and with rates of covid-19 rising in North Norfolk, the council supports the action to help keep residents safe.”

Civil parking enforcement officers will be monitoring the area.

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