Holt Youth Project has kept busy throughout the covid-19 restrictions

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Jan 20, 2021 3 mins read

Holt Youth Project has kept busy throughout the covid-19 restrictions during 2020, as chair of trustees Kevin Abbs reports

We are very proud to report that throughout 2020 we have continued to support our community in North Norfolk. Our team have adapted to meet the many and varied challenges presented, be it via one-to-one, telephone support or more conventional methods.

One example is one-to-one telephone support to children and young people as well as vulnerable young men through our 24/7 helpline. This phoneline is vital to make sure children and young people across north Norfolk are safe and helped when most in need. It has also evolved into a “listening ear” tool for mums and dads who are struggling emotionally and need to talk and de-stress.

With statistics showing domestic violence, sexual and emotional abuse, mental health issues and substance abuse all on the increase, this service is vital to safeguard our children and young people. We have provided additional training on mental health, (covering suicide prevention) to help our fabulous team to cope with the unprecedented numbers needing support.

Through the privileged position and respect we have as a trusted charity, we are welcomed into the family home via phone and social media, allowing us to have an insight into any underlying problems and to check if a family is in any way struggling alongside acting as a form of safeguarding for vulnerable children.

The team has also provided practical help including:

– 85 cooked meals for children delivered to their homes

– 52 family emergency food parcels

– six clothes parcels to families needing winter/summer clothing who would rely on the charity shops.

We also set up a “safe zone” with social distancing in a garden setting to provide much needed help for disadvantaged children whose parents struggled with schoolwork. This was led by a volunteer teacher.

The group also got a laptop for a primary school young carer who had no provision to do her schoolwork and was becoming increasingly distressed.

Some 560 craft bags were delivered to young carers and children in struggling families across north Norfolk and through social media platforms and our Facebook page we delivered weekly video clips on craft, cookery activities, storytelling, sporting challenges and funny clips for children and young people to enjoy.

This provided continuity and a feeling of still being connected, as well as a form of normality.

In October, we were thrilled to deliver a half term holiday programme which brought an opportunity to deliver a programme of much need activities and respite support in small bubbles to the most vulnerable, including children, young people and young men from each of our groups.

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