Can’t visit your loved one’s grave? Vanessa is there to care

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Jan 29, 2021 2 mins read

A chance discovery while on furlough has led to a change of direction for Vanessa Pritchard, who has launched a business which she thinks may be unique to the area.
If people in north Norfolk are unable to visit their loved ones’ graves to place flowers or make sure they are neat and tidy, Vanessa will go along and provide any maintenance and care that’s needed.

“In the summer I saw a friend of a friend who does it in Skegness and thought it was unusual,” she said. “I thought ‘I’d quite like to do that’ and then forgot about it.”

Time passed and Vanessa, who was working in the hospitality industry, organising events and working as a chef, could not see where the sector was going. When voluntary redundancy was offered, she took it and turned her mind back to the idea of a new career.
“I come from a farming background and I love being outdoors. I’m a keen gardener and when I go to family graves I always look around and think things could do with a tidy, but you can’t just tend other people’s graves,” she said.
Based in Sheringham, Goldfinch Grave Tending will provide anything from a one-off birthday visit to leave flowers to regular tending appointments.
Duties can be as simple as removing dead flowers and replacing them with new ones or weeding and grass trimming.
She also provides photos and reports on any other issues that might need dealing with later.
“People live a long way away and can’t get to visit the graves, particularly at the moment,” she said. “At Christmas I put a wreath on a grave for a family who were unable to travel.
“It’s all very different starting out but I love it, I absolutely love it.
“I like to help people – it must be all those years in hospitality.
“I always wanted to make sure people were happy.”
Stressing that all visits were carried out in a dignified and caring way, Vanessa said she covered anywhere in the North Norfolk district area, with visits as far apart as Wells and Stalham.

For more details, call Vanessa on 07485 555 882, email or visit

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