Kelle’s sweet hobby is helping charity

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Oct 21, 2022 2 mins read

Kelle Blyth has amassed an impressive collection of more than 4,000 Pez sweet dispensers.

Now she’s getting ready to host a gathering of other enthusiasts and people curious about their hobby and boost a Cromer charity at the same time.

Kelle, who lives in North Walsham, has organised the third UK Pez Gathering at The Garage, in Norwich, on October 29.

The free event has a Halloween theme and will raise money for Cromer-based charity About With Friends, which supports people with learning disabilities.

“Whether you’re a collector or just looking for that nostalgia hit, this Pez convention is a great day out for all the family,” said Kelle. She said she initially had a few dispensers as a child, but they were moved into the attic when she got older.

“Then one day, in 2000, whilst at high school, I was reading an article in a music magazine and the photo featured a musician with a huge Pez collection as his backdrop,” she said. “I loved the visual of them and remembered that I had some in the attic, so later than evening I went to find them. I found Miss Piggy and a clown Pez! I got my dad to mount a shelf in my bedroom and placed them on display. Within a very short period of time, that collection of a few turned into multiple shelves full of them. I was hooked. 

“My collection holds more than 4,000 pieces and I’m always adding more. Having a family now means that we collect together and my three daughters love it.

“I find that Pez have a great way of evoking memories and are great conversation starters.”

t The event will take place on Saturday, October 29, from 11am until 4pm at The Garage, in Chapel Field North. Entry is free.

t For further details, see or search for UKPEZGathering on Facebook.

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