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Mar 8, 2023 3 mins read

A trip of a lifetime is on the horizon for Autumn Johnson, but before she sets off she will be taking another trip around Cromer businesses in the hope they might help her get there.

Autumn, from Overstrand, has been selected from hundreds of other applicants to take part in the World Scout Jamboree in South Korea this summer.

She has been working hard to raise the £4,000 needed to take part, and with just £800 to go she is asking for sponsorship for the last push.

Autumn, who is an Explorer with the Mundesley group, said: “I’m really excited but also nervous about being away from home for three weeks.”

The 14-year-old will be one of the youngest at the gathering of around 50,000 teenagers, all representing Scout groups around the world.

“It’s a massive field near the sea near Seoul,” said Autumn. “I know the people I’m going with now but I didn’t know anyone beforehand.”

She is part of a group of 30 selected from 150 applicants from an area stretching from north Norfolk to London.

“We had to show teamwork and activities,” she said. “Now every few months my unit go on camps to get ready.”

The event will run from July 29 until August 18. It is held every four years, each time in a different country, and gives boys and girls from around the world the chance to get to know each other, learn about other cultures and work together.

The Cromer Academy pupil has been involved in Scouting since she was little, starting as a Cub and a Scout at West Runton and then moving on to become an Explorer. She is also a young leader and plans to carry on with the movement when she leaves school.

“My dad was a Scout – for about two weeks! – but this was something I have always wanted to do,” she said.

“I like learning skills. I know now to make a shelter out of ferns and sticks so you won’t get wet, I know lots of knots and there are lots of really useful life skills.”

She also likes meeting the challenges, including a recent 19-mile overnight hike.

“We started at 7pm and it ended at 7am,” she said. “We just kept walking!”

As well as her Scouting activities, Autumn plays the piano and makes cards from lino-prints, which she sold to raise the money for her trip.

She also held yard sales and sold cakes and is now hoping local businesses will agree to help her find the last of the money.

“I’m going to go and ask everybody,” said the determined teenager.

“This is a huge honour, privilege and opportunity for someone from Cromer.”

Anyone wanting to help Autumn can email her mum, Julie, at

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