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Meeting tackles flooding issues

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Feb 15, 2024 2 mins read

Around 200 people went along to a special meeting to talk about the problems caused by flooding in the Broads and surrounding villages.

Organised by North Norfolk MP Duncan Baker (pictured here during the floods last year), the meeting gave residents the chance to meet the major players who deal with flood responses to discuss the issues and to see how they could be addressed in the future.

A packed room at Hickling Community Barn spent more than three hours questioning and listening to a panel which included the Environment Agency, Anglian Water, the Flood Resilience Forum, Norfolk County Council and the Internal Drainage Board.

Passions ran high at times, but Duncan said the feedback was positive from the meeting – the first time such a large group of people had had the chance to question a panel on a wide range of flooding topics.

“This was never going to be an easy meeting to tackle, but I am so pleased to have given my residents the platform and chance they deserve to have their voices heard,” he said. “Clearly problems exist, the response has not been good enough, and and climate change is not going to make flooding go away.

“We were never going to walk away with a ‘eureka’ moment to solve all the problems, but I’m heartened that the agencies have promised swifter action, more investment and a review of their systems in the affected villages.”

Subjects on the table ranged from dredging, flood banks, river levels, maintenance, sewage infiltration and flood barriers to climate change and the new Herring Bridge at Great Yarmouth.

The MP said after the meeting that it revealed the need for an overseeing body to be ultimately responsible, with powers and funding.

“Flooding has to be on a par in Norfolk with other major issues we face.”

The livestream video of the meeting has been watched by more than 20,000 people and is still available at www.facebook.com/reel/340868135592797

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