Movers and shakers sweep the board

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Feb 16, 2024 3 mins read

Students from a Sheringham dance school have swept the board at a recent regional competition – the first one they have taken part in.

Founded only just over a year ago, TW Performing Arts took 17 young dancers to the Move It Shake It dance competition – and in every category they entered they came first, second or third in what was a very competitive arena.

As a result, the school has made it through to the national finals in July.

In the group dance, TWPA achieved third place and Caitlin Campbell and Maisie Giugno-Hooker (pictured) were awarded a prestigious honourable mention for their duet – which was considered beyond first place in their category.

Principal Tom Withington said: “What is astounding is how far these young dancers have come in such a short space of time – with some of our students never having danced before.

“They have shown a great strength of character and determination to be the best they can be and make the most of every opportunity we provide for them.”

The school’s approach is to provide support and good grounding in technique, fitness and strength to build confidence and ability.

Teacher Bethany Pratt said: “The best part of Move It Shake It was seeing them burst onto the stage – confident, passionate about what they were doing, giving their all but being kind, supportive and encouraging to everyone in the group. Everybody had a great time.”

Skye Jefferson, who came first in the Contemporary section, said: “I am so much more confident now and realise that through hard work, focusing on my technique and listening to advice I can take my dancing to another level and attempt things that I would have previously not thought possible.”

And Maisie, who won the honourable mention with Caitlin, said: “The great thing about TWPA is not just the great teaching but the opportunities to use what we have learnt in real situations. I was recently selected to be in the Black Keys latest music video Beautiful People and it made me realise that even though I come from a small town I have got the chance to go on and be a professional dancer around the world, if I really want it.”

Tom said he was “hugely proud” of all the dancers and teachers, adding: “Our younger Elite team will also be soon ready for competitions and we really look forward to them having the same opportunities and fun succeeding at something they all love.”

TWPA holds classes in St Joseph’s Hall, with classes on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays for students aged from three to 19. Email or visit

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