A colourful ‘thank-you’ to all!

Just Regional
Apr 22, 2020 1 min read

A garage door in North Walsham has been turned into a very colourful “thank-you” card for all key workers, from all nationalities and on behalf of the whole world.

Jasmine Taylor, 15, and her dad, Richard, decided to paint the rainbow – and then Jasmine added her own special touches.

“I was going to stain the garage and we both came up with the idea before I did it that she would draw a rainbow on it to say ‘thank you’ to all key workers,” said Richard. “She went further and put the thank-yous on from different countries as it is a worldwide problem and not just ours.”

Jasmine Taylor and her dad, Richard, have made this colourful thank-you card for all key workers.

Richard is a key worker himself, as he works on pipelines, and said he was very proud of his daughter – an Aylsham High School pupil – who translated “thank you” into 12 languages – English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Indonesian, Portuguese and Dutch.

The drawing has been done in chalk and can be seen on Acorn Road in the town, just before the park.

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