A cup of kindness – for £1

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Mar 18, 2021 2 mins read

Holt is to become one of the first places in the country to launch a reusable takeaway cup to be used around the town.
Having seen how a similar scheme worked in Shrewsbury, Sarah Tribe, of Greening Holt, decided to set about starting one here, working the same way as many sporting and music events.
“You pay £1 for the cup and then when you get a takeaway tea or coffee it is refilled,” she said.
“With the covid restrictions at the moment you hand in your cup each time and get a clean one – and at the end, when we are all tired of takeaway coffees, you take the cup back and get your £1 deposit back.”

Sarah said around half a dozen cafes in the town had already signed up to take part and the scheme was being set up and managed by the team at the Wandering Whelk café, who are selling the cups.
The scheme is aimed at putting a stop to single use disposable takeaway cups, encouraging the town to move towards becoming zero waste.
Of the seven million single-use cups that are thrown away every day in the UK, less than 1pc currently get recycled and most compostable cups actually end up in landfill.
The Holt Cup is 100pc polypropylene and is designed to be used hundreds of times. They come in a variety of colours and have been designed by Norwich brand consultants One Agency.

The scheme will have its official launch on April 15 and any cafés wishing to join in should email thegreeningholt@gmail.com

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