Amelia’s “doing her bit”

Just Regional
Apr 22, 2020 1 min read

Anyone taking a walk through Meadow Way, in Hellesdon, is being invited to treat themselves to some pretty jewellery and help raise some money for the NHS at the same time.

Amelia Potter said she wanted to “do her bit” and is selling beaded bracelets and necklaces on a stall outside her house.

Amelia Potter with the jewellery she is selling to help raise money to help the NHS.

Dad Lee said: “She is hoping that when people walk past on their daily exercise and dog walks they might throw 50p in the jar and take one so she can donate it to the NHS.”

Amelia, 11, was inspired by the Dads v Girls family challenges on YouTube and produced the jewellery in her arts and crafts lessons at home.

Lee added: “We are so proud of her doing this… If you are walking through Meadow Way and have some spare change, make a little girl’s day whilst helping the NHS.”

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