Apprentice star legs it for Norfolk summer!

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Jun 11, 2015 2 mins read

Afternoon tea, fish and chips, the arcades, historic tours and beautiful beaches – all memories from Bianca Miller’s childhood when she visited Great Yarmouth.

“With my parents we would go to Margate, Brighton, those sorts of places,” said Bianca.

“We came to Great Yarmouth for the beaches, the piers, to get away from it all.

“My dad loved the historic element, so we would go on walking tours of towns and visit museums. It was the beaches I preferred, especially living in London so far from the coast. We had some great times on those holidays and I certainly hope to come back at some point.”

Bianca was runner up in the 2014 version of The Apprentice and her ambition was to launch a skin-tone hosiery business.

Although she originally intended to aim at the top end of the market, she has now gone down the high street route and lowered her prices, while keeping her ambitions high.

Her latest venture is an attempt to crowdfund to the tune of £100,000 as she tries to realise her idea of “nude tights” for women of all complexions.

The scheme is being used to sell pre-orders and experience-based packages with Bianca.

The early bird offer of two pairs for £10, limited to the first 100 customers, has sold out, but the advantage to crowdfunders still exists as people can sign up for two pairs for £13 (the normal retail price for a pair of any of the eight shades will be £8.99).

Among other offers there is also the potential for an annual tights subscription and lunch with Bianca – for more details look at

Bianca intends to build the brand using direct enquiries from viewers of The Apprentice, as well as interest from department stores, independent boutiques and retailers to ensure a UK-wide distribution network.

“Currently, there are very limited high street options for women who do not fit into the three or so standard nude tones,” she said.

“We are the only brand offering a full assortment of skin-toned hosiery for all women.”

Products will be available from the autumn/winter onwards.

“I’ve had people contact me from all over the world, Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia, all keen to find out more and offer support. And people of all ages and ethnicity are walking up to me in the street giving their support. It’s been an amazing few months.

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