Aylsham schools embrace red nose spirit

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Mar 15, 2013 2 mins read

Aylsham schoolchildren entered into the Comic Relief spirit today by getting involved with various themes.

At John of Gaunt children and teachers dressed up as part of their Superhero day, from the Incredible Hulk to Bat Girl. One teacher, Linda Hardy, dressed as Super Gran and acted the part as well, much to the amusement of the children.

Aylsham’s other infant School; St Michael’s all wore hats to school. A small fee was paid and the children at the school and adjoining nursery compared hats. Some were homemade and were the envy of others.

Bure Valley School had a Posh Day where children donned attire more suited to 1920s ballrooms. Two of the children Alexander Skinner and Kiegan Evans decided to risk the ridicule of their friends by going dressed as girls. They have even gone the extra mile by getting sponsorship from friends, family and local businesses. So far their total stands at more than £150.

Alexander’s mum Karina said: “There are many great events happening to support Comic Relief but it’s great that two 10 year old lads have risked their reputations with their under 10 football team mates to support a great cause. They are great sports!”

Another Bure Valley student Chloe Tibbitt, aged 10 is having a 12 hour sponsored silence which started at 7.30 this morning. She has also raised more than £150 but was obviously unavailable for comment!

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