Frustration as town wakes up to no water supply

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Jan 27, 2017 2 mins read

Frustrated residents in Aylsham woke up this morning to discover that they had low water pressure or no water at all due to a burst water main on Red Lion Street.

The problem was being repaired by Anglian Water in the early hours of the morning and was fixed, with water returning to the affected homes and businesses by 11am.

An Anglian Water spokesperson said: “The cold weather at the moment means we have a lot of bursts and leaks to deal with. The temperature shift from the very cold nights to the comparatively warm days is causing the ground beneath our feet to expand and contract much more than usual. This puts stress and strain on our pipes, which means we’re dealing with more leaks than usual.

“We’ve sent extra leakage repair specialists out so we can handle this – they’ll be there for as long as the cold weather lasts. We’re also prioritising our work so that we get to the bursts that waste the most water first.

“We’re grateful for everyone’s patience.”

The biggest impact for the town was the closure of three of the schools: Aylsham High, Bure Valley and John of Gaunt. St Michael’s was unaffected.

Whilst Red Lion Street is closed buses will be picking up from Bure Valley Railway.

Red Lion Street today

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