Beach cleans start again

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Jun 1, 2020 2 mins read

The Sheringham beach cleans are set to start again this month and, all being well, the team will meet on June 14 to get the beach back to its pristine condition.

Organiser Bob Smith said there will be restrictions around hygiene and social distancing, so he says there are a few new rules for cleaners to follow:

Please bring your own black bags if possible. If you cannot then they will be provided from a new, clean roll.

Please wear gloves at all times and tie up your own bags at the end of the clean and leave them in the area allocated.

When arriving for the clean please keep to the social distancing rules and do not form groups of more than six people.

The organisers will sign you in so there is no need for you to handle the book or pens.

Pickers and hoops will still be provided to those that require them and will be sanitised before use.

During the clean please always maintain social distancing, especially from those using the beach.

The Sheringham beach cleans are set to start again this month. PICTURE:

“If all goes well, and we stick to the rules, we should be able to maintain our routine of beach cleans throughout the summer,” he said. “With the recent influx of day-trippers, and more holidaymakers expected this summer, there will be a greater need for our services.”

He said if people did not feel that they could take part at the moment it was understood and that anyone who did want to help would be warmly welcomed.

The team will meet on Sunday, June 14 at 10am on the West Prom as usual. 

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