Bin lorries are getting the message across

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May 4, 2020 2 mins read

Broadland District Council has rebranded three of its bin lorries to help get crucial messages about its response to the coronavirus pandemic into the community.

Two of the lorries carry the message that if anyone needs support or advice they should call 0344 8008020 and feature a young boy at a window holding a picture of a rainbow – an image that has come to symbolise hope and togetherness during this crisis.

The other contains the contact details for Voluntary Norfolk, with the message that if anyone wants to volunteer they should visit Dozens of volunteers help in many ways, including making food deliveries to vulnerable people.

Broadland District Council bin lorries have been rebranded to spread the word about what to do to stay safe and to keep others safe

Shaun Vincent, leader of Broadland District Council, said: “It’s absolutely vital that residents follow the government’s guidance and stay at home. We are doing all we can to help residents self-isolate and protect the NHS and we are using every channel we have to get these critical messages seen.
“There are people in our community without access to the internet, so it’s crucial we do all we can to reach them and let them know we’re here to help.

“Equally, if you’ve been furloughed or have the skills that we need, then please get in touch and make a difference by joining the volunteers who are helping to save lives.”

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