Bobbie to run virtual marathon for Aylsham charity

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Oct 3, 2020 1 min read

Bobbie Sauerzapf, a volunteer with Aylsham and District Care Trust (ACT) is running the Virtual London Marathon on Sunday to raise money for ACT.

Bobbie said: “I volunteer at ACT and I’ve seen first-hand the difference that ACT can make to the lives of elderly and lonely people. Most of us take simple things like having a natter with someone, going out for the day or popping along to the supermarket for granted. For too many in our community, their homes become their prisons. ACT provides friendship, a listening ear, a good lunch and the opportunity to escape from home for a few hours. ACT is one example of how amazing things can happen when a few people with good hearts do very simple things.

“If you can spare the cost of a cup of coffee, ACT and I would be very grateful. Any donations will help to keep the minibuses rolling, the volunteers smiling and the building warm and welcoming.”

To donate, visit:

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