Brothers really can’t have their cake and eat it!

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Nov 27, 2014 2 mins read

Brothers-in-law Brian Burman and Stanley Fulcher love making Christmas cakes, there’s just one problem – they can’t eat them because they’re both diabetic!

But not to be deterred by this minor detail, the brothers carry on regardless and offer their creations out to charities to be sold, raffled or just enjoyed.

The pair, who live together in Hellesdon, have made three large Christmas cakes this year, one of which has already found a good home thanks to a story in the last issue of Just Hellesdon. It was about a charity Christmas Fayre being organised by the daughter of a local resident who has Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) – a terminal brain degenerative disease – and 75-year-old Brian thought they would be an ideal recipient for one of the cakes, so got in touch with us to pass on the offer. Needless to say, the cake was thoroughly enjoyed at the fayre!

Now the brothers would like to offer out the remaining two cakes, with the possibility of making more if there is the demand.

Brian is the master baker, and attributes his love of making cakes to his mother.

“She had a trapped nerve and lost the use of both her arms, so I started making cakes for her, then I did the same for Stanley’s mum when she got ill,” he said.

Meanwhile, 73-year-old Stanley’s contribution is to buy the ingredients and draw out the designs ready for Brian to transfer onto the sugarpaste and cut out.

You might think that Brian and Stanley are torturing themselves with these sweet temptations, but they were both diagnosed a long time ago and don’t find it a problem.

“I’m used to denying myself by now, so it doesn’t mean anything to me that I can’t eat the cakes, I just enjoy making them,” said Brian.

“And if I can help some charities raise some money as well, it’s worth it.”

There’s one thing that Brian is not happy to share however, and that’s his secret Christmas cake recipe – and why should he!

The cakes are eight inches wide and are mounted on a decorated board and boxed. If you are involved with a charity which would like one of the cakes call Brian and Stanley on 01603 425014.

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